The Secrets to Dressing with Intention and Purpose đź‘—

By Strategic Dressing
Every day the media highlights celebrities, politicians, influencers, and musicians who understand that their wardrobe choices are a tool for accomplishing their agenda. The truth is these wardrobe tools are available to all of us.  The strategic messages our wardrobe can send actually comprise as much of our communication as our manner of speaking and gesturing. Your personal appearance does not just benefit from simply “showing up." Style is a form of self-expression; many would argue it is an opportunity to shine. As the author Joseph Campbell once said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who we are."  What a gift.  Here are our tips...
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#WomenWithNoLimits Luncheon Series: Featuring Stories from Incredible Women

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A boutique image consulting firm introduced #WomenWithNoLimits in 2020 after seeing many young women paralyzed by toxic workplace environments and lacking a voice professionally. I enlisted a group of successful women who had overcome their own professional obstacles through support from their peers and community organizations.   Over the last three years #WomenWithNoLimits has evolved into being a supportive community dedicated to helping in one another’s quest to build successful businesses, to model successful leadership in our communities and to nurture the next generation of women. The luncheon series aims to help women understand the importance of professional presence as a…

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How to Feel Visible and Connected after age 40 : A Conversation with The Style That Binds Us

By In The News
Recently, one of my clients once came to me with the sudden realization that her work team was starting to overlook her. “I feel as if I have become less important!” she exclaimed, and finally looked at me and said: “I don’t want to be invisible.” I recently had the privilege of being a guest on a podcast with the dynamic team from The Style That Binds Us (click here for the link to the entire podcast), Delia Folk and Alison Bruhn. During our conversation, we discuss how common this thought actually is among women over 40 and our solutions for feeling “visible”. In case you...
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Making the Most of Your Body: Style Secrets to Achieve Your Ideal Look

By Beauty of Color, Fashion & Style Personalities, Strategic Dressing

Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we see qualities of ourselves that we’d love to change and hide. At Image Intelligence, we understand that style adjustments are part of life and that if you learn to tailor your look to suit your body type, you will feel like your best self every day. Below are our favorite style secrets to help you achieve your own personal look, unique to you.

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