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Dynamic, creative, hardworking, collaborative, smart and always fun are some of the ways I would describe Stephanie.  However, simple words on a page do not bring to life what happens when Stephanie is a part of the meeting, project, effort or business.  Stuff happens…work gets done…and with integrity and excellence.  Businesses hum and she is a winner.  I have known Stephanie for twenty years and never once have I seen her give up when things get tough or not complete something because she had too much on her plate.  Everyone feels special when they are around her!   You can be a top client, the fourth appointment of the day or meeting her for the first time.  How does she do that?  It’s who she is! I met Stephanie through business and we have remained colleagues and friends all of these years because she adores her deep network of influential and talented people and the feeling is mutual.  She will help you with whatever business challenge you have and will also be the person who sends flowers to let you know how important you are to her.  She’s just that person.  I am fortunate to have her in my “village” and I would hire her for any team because she always wins!

Amy ShecterCEO, Ever/Body

Stephanie and I worked together for five years at Condé Nast while I was creative director of Vogue Studio. Together, we created numerous brand digital, print and social media campaigns for a variety of clients including Fidelity, Brahmin, Shinola, Kate Spade and Jane Iredale beauty, and Timberland  to name a few. During these collaborations, I was always grateful to Stephanie for her understanding of the creative process and appreciated the total creative freedom she provided to me and my team. She always pushed me to go above and beyond creatively. Our biggest and greatest projects were for Fidelity Investments and Brahmin Leathergoods that occurred over three, consecutive years. As a team, we came up with many, successful national advertising campaigns of the highest caliber. Stephanie was the best partner for our team because she cared passionately for her clients more than anyone I have ever met in the business. She would always go above and beyond for everyone, internally and externally. As an experienced, strategic thinker, she is dedicated, loyal, and respectful of the creative process. Stephanie is also efficient at managing any project or group and get things done successfully with elegance and kindness. I am delighted to be part of her advisory board at Responsible Design & Consulting.

Delphine GesquiereFormer creative director, Vogue; creative director, DelphineGesquiere.com

I’ve worked with Stephanie Coughlan when she was at Condé Nast on putting together a broad scale integrated marketing program across many of the publisher’s assets and brands to educate women on finance and investing. Stephanie came back with some of the most creative and innovative ideas I’d see in years and work that ultimately led to impactful programs. What I particularly like about Stephanie is her work ethic and intensity. She works really hard for her clients, listens intently and is passionate and intellectually curious. Her intensity and bias for results oriented work leads to better and more impactful programs. Over the years, she has become a trusted colleague, friend and someone who can always be counted on to make a difference.

Jim SperosRetired EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Fidelity Investments

I have worked with Stephanie for over a decade. She is both creative and collaborative. Stephanie has helped my clients with incredible first to market integrated programs that drive business results. Always the professional, she is a direct and a clear communicator which is rare to find in the hectic marketing world.  Stephanie has been able to pivot nicely as the marketing and media world continue to evolve on a daily basis.

Jane DeeryCEO PGR Media LLC

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