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Viva Magenta – The Color of The Year

By November 30, 2023December 18th, 2023No Comments


At the beginning of the year, the color experts at Pantone along with the AI tool, MidJourney, declared that Magenta was the most celebrated color for 2023.

They called it an “unconventional shade for an unconventional time!” 

It is true. These are unconventional times and Magenta is not conventional, no matter the times.  

We can wear Magenta year-round and embrace its qualities as a color, or a tool, to promote self-expression, send a message, and dress as an individual. Magenta is full of positive meaning and transmits contentment, harmony, compassion, and kindness. 



Why not incorporate this color into your life and see the positive effects it can have? Surround yourself with magenta to experience its calming and soothing properties. With its ability to bring balance and harmony into your life, magenta could be just what you need to enhance your wellbeing.



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