First impressions are forms in less than a tenth of a second and can last up to six months.

Stephanie founded Image Intelligence in 2018 (a division of Responsible Media). For several decades, Stephanie has partnered with such successful fashion, design and well-being brands including Architectural Digest, GQ, Self Magazine, and Vogue. Her success has been built on the personal promise of being reliable, trust-worthy, productive and responsible to all clients. Unlike one-size fits all consulting firms, she and her team work directly with you and are dedicated to enhancing your personal style as a step to achieving your life goals and putting your personal brand to work. As a result of working with such blue-chip brands, her experience has yielded many successful partnerships such as Big Sisters of Boston, Emerald Necklace Conservancy, The Julie Fund, Glamsquad.com and others. For more information, please contact Stephanie here.

Your Personal Brand Starts With The Way You Look

Like it or not, the image we present to the outside world is the first and often most powerful area of judgment at work, at home and in society. Psychologists and sociologists have confirmed through multiple studies that implicit—and explicit—character assessment occurs upon first contact with an individual, superseding education, intelligence or accomplishment.

This is the genesis of Image Intelligence: more than stylists, we are ‘perception consultants,’ dedicated to understanding your life’s goals first, then refining your presentation—your wardrobe, hair, makeup, fitness—to meet those goals. Our objective professionals will take your brand in hand and help you:

  • Accelerate Professional Advancement

Women in the workplace are held to a higher standard than men in every area. “Pulchronomics”—research on the economics of physical attractiveness–shows that women are judged on what they wear, how they look and how they communicate as much as, if not more than what they’re communicating.

  • Manifest Personal Influence

Whether it’s a major charity event or an intimate dinner, deals get closed when you have on the right clothes. Image Intelligence identifies the intersection of what you wear and where you’re wearing it, putting your personal appearance to work on behalf of your power of persuasion. With the right wardrobe, you will have an increased level of influence.

  • Realize Self-Worth

“Look good, feel good:” It’s a cliché for a reason. By engaging an image professional, you eliminate the second-guessing and self-doubt that inevitably goes hand-in-hand with personal style decisions, making room to unlock your potential, honor your self-confidence and live more fully in the present.

  • Reclaim Your Time

Time is the ultimate luxury. In our outsourcing economy, allowing an image consultant to analyze, assess and ultimately curate the way you present yourself will leave you more time to engage in meaningful pursuits.