Your Best Self

Style Personality – Discovering Your Unique Style

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Discovering your unique style!   Ever find yourself staring at your closet, feeling like you’re lost with nothing to wear? I get it. But here’s the deal: style is more than just picking out an outfit; It is a look that reflects your personality, sense of self, and outlook on life, it’s like telling the world who you are without saying a word. Having a clear idea of your style personality will help save time and money when shopping in your closet, online or in a retail setting and will result in your feeling comfortable and confident. So, where do…

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NY shopping trip

New York Shopping Trip

By Closet Curation, Fashion & Style Personalities, Strategic Dressing, Your Best Self

I recently had the pleasure of taking a client on a New York shopping trip to explore private showrooms and select retailers. There’s something truly special about being able to shop with a client in person. It gives us the chance to really fine-tune their style and make sure it aligns perfectly with their professional and personal goals. On this particular trip, my mission was to find high-quality staples for my client who has an amazing arty-bohemian look. She already owns a collection of unique pieces. What she needed were those essential basics that tie everything together. So, I set out…

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Summer Essentials

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The easy dressing season is upon us and curating a summer capsule collection could not be easier. Core basic essentials anchor any seasonal wardrobe and we’ve put together staples that can used all summer as the workhorse pieces for any summer closet. Whether your body type is Hourglass, Oval, Inverted Triangle, Square or Triangle, here you will find everything from classic jean skirts to multiple layering shirts, to outwear and accessories.  Shop early as inventories are low at most on line retailers and in store. Body fit is a crucial factor in elevating someone’s style. A proper fit enhances all…

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