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Tools and Tips – Closet Organization

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One of the ways I keep my life moving forward and get out the door each day is by having an organized closet where I can quickly and easily find what I’m looking for. Most nights, I lay out my clothes for the next day – even workout clothes – to make my morning stress free and easy. The way I organize my closet is the key to all of this. 

Here are my most coveted tools, tips, and products that help in the quest to find your treasured items and stay organized:


FOOTWEAR –  Group by type

  • Outside lines that relate to your body type are​ the most pleasing & easiest to style!For footwear finding efficiency, organize your shoes by type. Put your heels on one level, boots on another, flats on another, and so on. Any open real estate in your closet works great for shoes, but I prefer cubbies or small shelves for structured organization.

LINK: Stocking Wood Shoe Shelf

T-SHIRTS Stack by color on open shelvingOrganizing by color and placing items on open shelving allows you to see what you have easily and choose items that match the look you are going for, whether it’s for contrast, a monochromatic look, or adding a bold pattern.

ROLL YOUR KNITS Hanging space is at a premium in most closets. If you have drawers, even shallow ones, roll your knitwear and place it in the drawer for maximum space and organization.

BELTS –  This is my favorite item to streamline the closet organization process. This little hook hangs easily on your rack, holds many belts, and the belts lay flat so it does not create bulk in the closet.

HATS If you’re a hat fanatic, invest in a skinning rack. You can store your hats while protecting their structure and can also be used for hanging light night clothes for added efficiency in your nighttime routine.

DENIM Stack or Hang

  • Depending on your closet setup you can stack your denim like your t-shirts or, if you have room, hang it in your closet. Use the belt loop of your jeans for hanging. Pro tip: Use the same belt hanger linked above for your jeans too!

LINK: Metal Accessory Hanger

LINK: Clear Hanger


  • While hard to reach and not convenient for everyday items, shelving near the ceiling can be really useful for storage. Put off-season items in bins in these locations, mark them, and store them with the label facing so you can see them for easy access (Select bins that have metal hanging labels that can be interchanged)


  • In the smallest closets hanging door racks is genius for saving space


  • Just like color-organized t-shirts, organizing your clothing material will help you expertly incorporate texture into your outfits. Group-like materials, such as silk, cotton, and wool, help you find what you’re looking for.

A RACK At the end of the day, if you’re short on space or don’t have a closet at all, what you need is a clothing rack. Load it up with seasonal items and update it as needed.

JEWELRY Prioritize your most-used pieces, and bring them to the front and center of your closet.

TIES This one is easy: Use nails as tie hooks to maximize space.

LINK: Clear Cascading Over Hook

LINK: Clothing Rack Divider With Label

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