Putting Your Personal Brand to Work

Image Intelligence solves the dilemma of not just what you wear, but how—and why—you wear it. We focus on improved style as a step on the road to achieving life goals, not about fashion/image goals.

With an eye to self-optimization, not self-indulgence, we carefully shape the outward expression of your personal brand around your goals and aspirations, ultimately elevating your influence at work, at home and in society.

Image Intelligence Services

Introductory Session

All of our client relationships begin with our signature “PICT”. The Personal Image Consultation Track maps out a customized plan of action to develop your new personal brand.

Over the course of 90 minutes, we will discuss:

  • Current lifestyle
  • 12-18 month personal and professional goals
  • Clothing brand preferences and fashion style
  • Shopping habits
  • Historical beauty treatments and providers
  • Face shape and body analysis
  • Color assessment
  • Budget

To facilitate conversation, topics will be sent in advance.
Photographs will also be taken at this time.
At the close of the PICT, we will recommend a course of services based on our discussion, as detailed below.

Closet Edit

An objective and “cleansing” edit of your existing wardrobe will allow you to begin your image refinement with a streamlined foundation. The end result will be a closet full of clothes and accessories that you will actually wear with knowledge of how to wear what and for what occasion. You will have clarity on how to make future dressing choices on a daily basis. In 3 hours we will:

  • Sort entire closet into “keep’ vs. “give away” piles
  • Recommend alterations strategy for key pieces
  • Closet reorganization
  • Develop loose recommendations for “new looks” using remaining pieces
  • Compile list of recommended investment pieces
  • Take give-away pieces to a local charity or sell on consignment

Shop Around

The service begins with a discussion of your wardrobe priorities and a review of your lifestyle. Using the recommended list of new pieces and your budget, we will develop a 3-6 hour or multi-day itinerary for you and the Image Intelligence team to take an in-person shopping trip.

  • Department Stores
  • Boutiques
  • Specialty Stores
  • Brand Showrooms
  • Online (Note: Image Intelligence will handle all delivery and returns for your selections as needed)

Image Intelligence also has relationships in major European cities and can arrange trips abroad. Additionally, Image Intelligence has exclusive access to select designer showrooms in key markets.

Home Delivery

As an alternative to the Shop Around, Image Intelligence can procure items based on an initial Personal Image Consultation Track (PICT) session. Each Home Delivery Service includes:

  • Home delivery of clothing and accessories
  • One-hour in-person evaluation of choices to consider
  • Management of returns and exchanges
  • Document detailing stores/sites, sizes and salespeople for future reference

Look Book

Once we have refined your wardrobe choices through the Personal Image Consultation Track (PICT), Image Intelligence will provide you with a digital “Look Book” of 10-15 full wardrobe and styling recommendations, sorted by occasion. Each look is:

  • Photographed on a whiteboard
  • Fully accessorized
  • Captioned with exact details on each item and how to style
  • Assigned an occasion for wearing
  • Paired with a beauty/personal grooming recommendation (hairstyle, lipstick color, etc)

Personal Grooming

We explore ways to refine your personal image through hair and make-up styling, skincare, grooming, and health and fitness regime. Over the course of an hour, we will develop a recommendation for you based on your PICT and additional needs. Included in our Personal Grooming service are the following:

  • Interview hair, makeup, spa and fitness professionals on your behalf
  • Present list of recommended professionals with rationale. testimonials and photo examples of work
  • Pre-appointment conversation with recommended service
  • Accompany client to first appointment for all services

Event Prep

Whether a destination wedding or an executive presentation, Image Intelligence will curate your look down to lipstick shade for your event.

  • Select wardrobe, including foundations and accessories
  • Book in-home beauty professionals for hair and makeup
  • Be present at pre-event prep sessions
  • Shop on-line or in-store for any event occasion including weddings, business conferences, holidays, family gatherings, and professional presentations.

Pack & Play

Traveling for business or pleasure or both combined, it’s a challenge for everyone. We will help you make choices for a one-night away, a combination business and personal trip with one climate or many. We will also help you choose the right luggage so your looks stay organized and polished.

  • Trip planning for wardrobe and beauty based on itinerary
  • Complete suitcase packing
  • Luggage pick up and delivery organization

Pricing: $250 per hour.

Travel beyond the Boston area will be billed at transportation and accommodation costs plus hourly/overnight rate.

Interpreting Professional Dress Codes by Industry

Learn expectations and needs based on industry, status (both desired and acquired), profession, and geographic regions.

Start refining your image today with the help of one of our consultants.