The most basic shoe for a woman is a low-heeled closed- toe pump in your key neutral- typically a color closely related to your hair color.

  • Black to be the universal neutral, it isn’t a great shoe choice if it isn’t part of your personal color fan.
  • With a skirt, a lower vamp (top opening of the shoe) leaves more of your foot visible and elongates your legs.
  • Peep-toe and sling-back styles expose more skin.
  • With pants, a higher vamp brings the shoe color up to meet the pants hem.
  • Avoid ankle strap styles unless you have very long, trim legs and can afford their shortening effect.
  • Lighter weight styling and higher, thinner heels make a shoe dressier.
  • Heavier material, thicker soles and shorter thicker heels move the styling in a more casual direction