Color Connections

By Beauty of Color

In your best colors, you’ll look beautiful, with glowing skin, rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, and hair filled with highlights. Put on the opposite colors and you’ll look drained and tired, with blotchy skin, dull eyes and hair, even illusions of under eye circles and double chins. It’s just a matter of determining the specific hue, value and intensity of blue or green or red that is most effective for you.

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Facial Shape Connections

By Beauty
Wide If your face is wide relative to its length, you can appear slimmer overall by using simple techniques to make your face look longer and narrower. Wear open necklines and lower necklaces Choose earrings that are longer than they are wide, though not necessarily long dangles Style your eyebrows to emphasize an arch rather than a straighter horizontal shape Apply your blush in a diagonal rather than horizontal direction Long A slightly longer facial shape can be an asset, creating an automatic illusion of a trimmer body. But as the length proportion increase, the result can be an unfriendly...
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Dressing for Different Industries

By Strategic Dressing
Business: Law, Banking, Finance, High Level Corporate Insurance, Real Estate, Sales Advertising, Art, Fashion, Writing, Entertainment Messages: Authoritative, Conservative, Competent Trustworthy, Approachable, Knowledgeable Creative Individual Contemporary Clothes: Skirt suits, pant suits, and tailored dresses, mostly neutral solid colors, high quality fabrics, classic styling, conservative accessories Softly tailored coordinates, Sweater jackets, more color variety and patterned fabrics, fashion accessories More individualized, style accepted, even expected: less structured garments, bolder colors and patterns, unique accessories
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