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Make Life Easier with a Capsule Collection

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Once I had edited back my own wardrobe in January of this year, clearing over 50% of it, I realized that many of the most important items left were basic staples that transcend seasons and trends. These versatile work-wear and lifestyle pieces form the foundation of a wardrobe that coordinate well with different patterns, shapes, footwear, handbags, jewelry, and accessories. Wikipedia defines a capsule wardrobe as: “a small collection of garments designed to be worn together which is harmonized in color and line”.

A capsule wardrobe is essentially curated from your existing clothing comprising essential pieces that that are not dictated by trends but rather serve as workhorse pieces that support every area of your lifestyle. For me, the most practical yet still chic pieces include skirts, pants, blouses, and coats that are augmented by more seasonal pieces. The entire idea is to use the capsule wardrobe pieces as your everyday, go-to items that mix and match with a wide selection of items. The goal is to create a series of fail-safe outfits that are both pragmatic and chic that work for multiple occasions and are your go to outfits.


–More control–
A capsule wardrobe empowers you to start each day on a fresh, controlled path. It eliminates the guesswork of what to wear, providing a sense of consistency.

–Save time–
In a time where time and efficiency are valued, having a somewhat organized collection of go-to pieces ensures that the frustration of standing in front of your closet, pondering what to wear, becomes a thing of the past.

–Every item in your wardrobe is utilized–
You will discover that everything in your closet, including patterns or shapes you once found challenging, can now effortlessly fit into a stable of outfits, bringing you joy and a newfound sense of style.


The answers really are my absolute favorite items. Since I believe that color in your wardrobe adds sparks of joy to your look and elicits positive responses from others, I don’t believe that a capsule wardrobe needs to be all neutrals. While it’s crucial for pieces to coordinate seamlessly and avoid clashes, there’s no need to confine yourself exclusively to neutral colors.

Now, here are five outfits that are my most cherished items. Not only do they make me happy to wear them but they help me mix in so many other fun items that I previously only wore once or twice a year.

Outfit 1:

Jean are a workhorse piece in any capsule collection. They go with virtually anything and can be dressed up and down for multiple occasions both professionally and personally. The blue crewneck sweater is also a versatile stable that creates a monochromatic look. The necklace adds an element of whimsey to the look.


Outfit 2:

To create an air of formality, I added the black blazer over the casual work look. The capsule pieces work effortlessly together.



Outfit 3:

The burgundy crewneck goes effortlessly with my jeans and can also be worn with all the other pieces in my capsule. The beige handbag adds an element of professionalism.



Outfit 4:

Here the burgundy crewneck creates a classic more traditional look with the A-line skirt.




Outfit 5:

The black jacket elevates this dressier look and is a repeat from outfit two.



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