Body Type & Clothing Connection


By Body Type & Clothing Connection, Strategic Dressing
As we head towards fall 🍂 and enjoy the last but of summer ☀️, there has been much conversation about going back to work and what that means for our sense of professional presence.  Many companies have adopted a more casual dress code to help make the transition easier.  One of the simplest ways to embrace your current body shape is with a few pairs of jeans—dressy, sustainable, figure-friendly, dark wash, -- there are so many choices 🤯. Jeans are an iconic anchor to any wardrobe and may be more acceptable in the workplace than before.  I always used to find it...
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Accessories to look effortlessly radiant (with actual minimal effort) this winter

By Beauty of Color, Body Type & Clothing Connection

Recently, my husband and I decided we needed a social outing with two friends around their firepit. While I put on a royal blue velvet dress, purple Timberland boots, and a vintage white fur coat, it was my multi-colored beaded chandelier earrings that were most noticed. The colors in the beads set off my eye color, and were all I really needed to shine. Your eye color provides guidance for the best colors to wear near your face. You will notice that your friends and colleagues will make more eye contact with you more frequently and for longer periods of time. For you, I’ve broken down how I use natural palettes to advise my clients on their best colors!

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