Beauty of Color

A Complete Guide to Color Matching

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It’s a big day. You’ve got an important meeting at work that you’re taking the lead on and you’ll be in front of a room of people. You want to make sure you look and feel your best. The only problem? You DISLIKE picking out your outfits. You’re not sure if it’s because you’ve got too many options or you just can’t think before your morning coffee – either way, you always seem to end up with the same, safe outfit. It doesn’t represent your personality or business ambitions at all, but you know it looks professional. If this sounds…

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STYLE HACK: A Complete Guide to Monochromatic Dressing

By Beauty of Color, Closet Curation, Strategic Dressing

Do you find yourself so busy that getting dressed in the morning is a stressor as opposed to a mood lifter? I’ve got the solution for you!   MONOCHROMATIC DRESSING   This style hack is not only on-trend but also chic, and easy to throw together on a whim. I’m sharing my ultimate guide for how to ace monochromatic dressing! “Monochromatic dressing isn’t just pairing the same color together and hoping for the best. It’s a strategic way to mix textures in varying shades to create dimension in your look. Plus, it’s an easy way to stretch your wardrobe and…

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Making the Most of Your Body: Style Secrets to Achieve Your Ideal Look

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Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we see qualities of ourselves that we’d love to change and hide. At Image Intelligence, we understand that style adjustments are part of life and that if you learn to tailor your look to suit your body type, you will feel like your best self every day. Below are our favorite style secrets to help you achieve your own personal look, unique to you.

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Mother’s Day Gifts to Spark Spring Joy

By Beauty of Color, The Accessories Advantage

There’s been so much conversation about how we should emerge into a post-pandemic world. What to wear? What not to wear? In my opinion, what’s most important is to dress in any way that makes you happy! With all of this in mind, we’ve put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide full of accessories and small luxuries to pamper her (or you!) that will make her feel vibrant, sparkling, special, and above all, loved.

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Accessories to look effortlessly radiant (with actual minimal effort) this winter

By Beauty of Color, Body Type & Clothing Connection

Recently, my husband and I decided we needed a social outing with two friends around their firepit. While I put on a royal blue velvet dress, purple Timberland boots, and a vintage white fur coat, it was my multi-colored beaded chandelier earrings that were most noticed. The colors in the beads set off my eye color, and were all I really needed to shine. Your eye color provides guidance for the best colors to wear near your face. You will notice that your friends and colleagues will make more eye contact with you more frequently and for longer periods of time. For you, I’ve broken down how I use natural palettes to advise my clients on their best colors!

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Let Color In! 🌈 Our Favorite Brands for Fall Outfits

By Beauty of Color, Strategic Dressing
When Image Intelligence thinks of fall, we think of color: leaves beneath our feet, harvests from our gardens, and rosy cheeks as temperatures begin to drop. All these colors inspire us to inject some vibrancy into our wardrobes, too. Color is always one of the best ways to connect your outfit to your features, but the natural beauty of fall just adds a perfect golden glow to enhance any hue. A brilliant pop of red, orange, or yellow can also bring a sense of hope to any gathering or meeting. If you also want to up the color in your...
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