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Mother’s Day Gifts to Spark Spring Joy

By April 25, 2021No Comments

by Stephanie Coughlan, Founder

There has been much conversation over the last month about our slow re-entry into pre-social distancing life and the joy it will bring to many. One conversation that has been circulating in the media, however, is about our clothes and appearance. Questions abound:

Should I wear formal clothes again? What about high heels? What if I gained weight during the pandemic and some of my clothes don’t fit? Will our style be more permanently casual?

Here’s my answer: it still comes down to how your clothes make you feel inside. Do you feel confident and self-assured? Do your clothes bring you joy and make you smile when you look in the mirror? Whether you lost weight or gained it, let your hair go back to its natural color, or are now more comfortable in more casual clothes, the key for a confident return is remembering that you––and your body––are enough.

When a big change takes place in our lives, as this pandemic has been for us all, reemerging as ourselves is challenging. We tend to be critical of different body parts we don’t love instead of focusing on the positive areas. Focus on the fact that your body got you through the last year and you survived. That is worth celebrating.

Here are several thoughts to unlock your self-worth:

  • Tell yourself that you’re grateful for all that your body does and will keep doing for you. Your legs and arms have carried you for a long time and taken many trips to the grocery store!
  • If you need new clothes because your old ones are just not right anymore, remember it’s not a sign of personal failure. If you buy a few new things, make sure they’re the right color for you and bring you happiness. You can even rent clothes for a period of time if that is more cost-efficient.
  • If new clothes are not an option, wear the pieces that you feel good about and put them into heavy rotation. No one will notice that you are wearing the same items. (And your friends don’t care––they’re probably doing the same!)
  • Celebrate your face and smile! They’re beautiful. Think about your face shape and pull out earrings, ties, collars, and accessories that complement your colors: hair, eyes, and skin.

With all of this in mind, we’ve put together a Mother’s Day Gift Guide full of accessories and small luxuries to pamper her (or you!) that will make her feel vibrant, sparkling, special, and above all, loved. (And look out for our Mother’s Day Giveaway on Instagram next week 😉)

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Wishing you feelings of hope and optimism as we all reset our courses for happier days ahead!


Featured photo courtesy of Clare V.