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Style Secrets to Achieve Your Ideal Look

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Sometimes when we look in the mirror, we see qualities of ourselves that we’d love to change and hide. At Image Intelligence, we understand that style adjustments are part of life and that if you learn to tailor your look to suit your body type, you will feel like your best self every day. Below are our favorite style secrets to help you achieve your own personal look, unique to you.

Our Style Secrets:

These are just several of the trade secrets that the experts at Image Intelligence have collected over the years! We can also show you how to enhance your bust, waist, neck, arms, and more in the way you want to. For a customized consultation, book your Introductory Personal Image Consultation Trajectory (PICT) with us today. Our team will learn more about your current lifestyle, personal and professional goals, and clothing preferences to guide you through exactly what styles, colors, and outfits will make you look and feel your best. Let us analyze, assess, and ultimately curate the way you present yourself so you can reclaim your time and pursue your goals!


Learn how to layer, so you can wear your spring and summer clothing year-round!

Book a Color Analysis with Stephanie to expand your understanding of what colors look best on you!