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Our Favorite Bathing Suits To Feel Confident This Summer!

By June 13, 2021June 14th, 2021No Comments

Many consider summer one of their favorite seasons with sun, gatherings outside in warm weather, sitting by the sea, and so many outdoor pursuits.  Several of my clients have recently noted their apprehension about this summer mainly because of how our bodies may have changed during the pandemic with all the stress that it brought into our lives and continues to keep us on our guard. It can be very daunting to put on a bathing suit and feel confident in the best of times.  When I launched Image Intelligence in 2017, the goal was to help men and women own their own confidence, find more time in their life because they are struggling with their self-image each day and be the person they want to be now and in the future. This is means accepting our bodies as they are, camouflaging what we don’t love, and embracing the flaws and beauty all at once. All body types have a place in this world and it’s such a joy to celebrate each and every one.

It can be very daunting to put on a bathing suit and feel confident in the best of times. So, we are excited to share some new bathing suit and summer dress brands that will suit many body types and even form to your figure.

Edith Swimwear

One of our favorite finds of the year is Edith Swimwear, which is a contemporary swimwear brand from Rio de Janeiro and 100% MADE IN BRAZIL. The brand aims to create a brand that adapts to its customers by providing versatile, fashionable and comfortable swimwear while maintaining a high standard of quality and durability. Edith encourages body positivity with a one-size fits all swimwear and they raise awareness of the environment with durable products. With their unique concept of “editable swimwear”, the collection offers swimwear adapted to every woman, no matter their body figure. After you were in it, it shrinks back to a small shape and looks beautiful. We want every woman to feel confident, elegant and comfortable in swimwear and this is our favorite new find.  So, for anyone feeling shy about putting a suit on this summer, check out Edith’s website and you are bound to feel excited and joyful when you see all the smiles on the women who wear their brand.

There are also a few fun trends in swimwear that are not that new but making somewhat of a comeback for those who want to look beyond the one size fits all concept.


This woven trend is in so many other parts of our wardrobe that it’s fun to see it in a bathing suit.

Prints and Patterns Galore

For those bold enough to wear color and really attract a lot of attention, here are some of our favorites.

Throw Back Retro

Retro fashion is certainly coming back, and these brands evoke the warm nostalgia and fondness that accompanies this style.

Black and Solid Colored Swimsuits

It can be daunting to feel confident in a swimsuit. However, these black bathing suits can definitely help since they work with all skin tones and give a slimming effect, while also being comfortable to wear.

Dresses for Fun in the Sun

To accompany these bathing suits, summer dresses are essential. These brands offer a huge variety of summer dresses that ensure that you can find the one that best suits your body type and makes you feel most confident. 

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