If your face is wide relative to its length, you can appear slimmer overall by using simple techniques to make your face look longer and narrower.

  • Wear open necklines and lower necklaces
  • Choose earrings that are longer than they are wide, though not necessarily long dangles
  • Style your eyebrows to emphasize an arch rather than a straighter horizontal shape
  • Apply your blush in a diagonal rather than horizontal direction


A slightly longer facial shape can be an asset, creating an automatic illusion of a trimmer body. But as the length proportion increase, the result can be an unfriendly or unwelcoming appearance. To soften a long shape:

  • Add soft bangs to your hairstyle to cover prominent forehead
  • Shorter hairstyles are usually more flattering for long faces
  • Choose earrings that are a bit wider than they are long
  • Style your brow to flatten he arch, creating a more horizontal shape

Facial Structure Connection


A woman with angular facial features will find harmony with geometric prints and plaids, square or rectangular earrings, square pockets and jacket hems, peaked jacket lapels, boxy handbags, squared or pointed-toe shoes, and other angular details.


A woman with curved features will find rounded print motifs, circular earrings, curved pockets and jacket hems, shawl collars, softly curved handbags, and rounded-toe shoes more compatible.

Facial Scale Connections

Ideal accessories are fairly bold scale to match body scale, but are made up of many small components that relate to her facial scale.

Textural Connections

If your skin is smooth and uniform in color and your hair is sleek, you’ll look best in fabric surfaces that appear smooth. Curly hair and light freckles are complimented by fabrics with textured surfaces or by small, dimensional prints that give the appearance of texture.