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Jeans that won’t break your bank account—or the planet.

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After writing my newsletter on how to find the best fitting jeans for your body, I realized that this piece had left off some really important information about denim and its lack of sustainability in our world.  So, here is part two on why and how to support sustainable fashion brands, starting with jeans. 

Did you know that it can take up to 1,800 gallons of water 💧to produce one pair of JEANS ?

Because denim is made from cotton and is one of the most resource-heavy, environmentally damaging products produced in our world today, it requires enormous amounts of pesticides and pollutants to produce enough cotton to make jeans.  According to the World Wildlife Fund, cotton is used in almost half of all the textiles manufactured in the world today. This has also led to over farming and soil erosion which is not at all good for the planet 🌍.  

So, what do you do when everyone loves jeans and it’s one of the most universal style statements globally? I don’t know a single person who does not own a pair or anyone who does not find jeans to be an integral part of their wardrobe. Do you? I own many jeans in multiple colors and even in my favorite pink color. Most recently, I’ve learned a lot about the sustainable jeans brands and fashion companies embracing these issues and trying to do something to create a footprint for the future ♻️👖.  DL1961 is a family-owned business that created factories that spin yarn, weave the fabric, and finish all garments in the same facility.  The company also invested in water-reduction technology a long time ago and added lower impact and biodegradable cellulose fibers to their jeans.  This uses only 10 gallons of water as opposed to 1,800 and their products are made of 98% recycled materials. The best idea for all of us is to buy a few pairs of jeans that you covet, wear them all the time or until they fall off your body and you can’t wear them anymore. You will feel and look great and the longer you own them the more negative carbon footprint you will be creating.  

 So, in the interest of being sensitive to our planet and supporting those companies that ARE investing in sustainable processes to create jeans,

here is a list of jeans brands you can feel great ✨  in, are made from recycled material, and won’t break your bank account.