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The Wardrobe Staple for All Body Types

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As we head towards fall 🍂 and enjoy the last but of summer ☀️, there has been much conversation about going back to work and what that means for our sense of professional presence.  Many companies have adopted a more casual dress code to help make the transition easier.  One of the simplest ways to embrace your current body shape is with a few pairs of jeans—dressy, sustainable, figure-friendly, dark wash, — there are so many choices 🤯. Jeans are an iconic anchor to any wardrobe and may be more acceptable in the workplace than before. 

I always used to find it daunting to find a pair of jeans that felt comfortable, chic and slimming 💃👖.  Hard to do when your legs are larger than your waist! That is what led me to explore which “Rise” best suited my hourglass figure with thighs that needed concealing.

What is the difference between low-rise, high-rise, and medium-rise?


Low rise sits roughly two inches below the navel and works for a figure with curvy hips. Jeans with low rise need to fit well at your hips so there is no gap at your waist. For someone with a rectangle body, this rise will be a fitted style with some give around the thighs and hips.


Mide-rise fit sits right below the naval and if often the easiest style for multiple body types and is the workhorse jean that comes in so many colors and hues. The true benefit is the structure around the middle part of the body that conceals and compliments.


High-rise is a more traditional style for those who want a classic look. Hourglass shapes on the thinner side will love this look and it also works well for cropped tops and when you want to tuck in a shirt or blouse.

Match Your Jean Choice To Your Bodytype


The key to this shape is to find a jean that feel good on rounded hips thighs. Look for jeans that skim the body instead of squeezing it. Bootcut, flared and skinny jeans will always be flattering for hourglass bodies. Other options include low-rise jean in straight leg to show off the curves in black or dark denim.


With this square shape and few curves, the easiest jean fit is mid-rise to high-rise on or above your waist. A low-rise cut will give the illusion of being much lower than it really is and is not ideal for this shape. Jeans that fit for this shape will fall right at the waist or slightly above and will lead the eye away from the waist, creating some shape. Boyfriend jeans will also make this figure feel squarer than needed. Any skinny, flared or boot cut style are easy choices for this figure.


With a small and defined waist and small to medium bust, the right jean is below your waist. Mid and low rise are ideal with a tapered leg or bootcut style that lengthens the leg. A boyfriend jean is also an option as if offers extra room for the thigh and rear.


The inverted triangle, sometimes called strawberry, is lucky enough to look good in almost any jean style. With most of the weight concentrated above the waist, most jeans will fit over toned thighs and small hips. Whether you choose the skinny jean, flared, or bootleg, each will have a different look for the hourglass frame in the low-rise and mid-rise fit.


The Jean of choice for this body type is with an elastic waist that will divert attention away from the waist. Mid- and high-rise jeans will feel fashionable and comfortable and will create the illusion of a curvy figure. Bootcut and flared jeans work well for this shape by elongating and slimming the look.





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