The easy dressing season is upon us and curating a summer capsule collection could not be easier. Core basic essentials anchor any seasonal wardrobe and we’ve put together staples that can used all summer as the workhorse pieces for any summer closet. Whether your body type is Hourglass, Oval, Inverted Triangle, Square or Triangle, here you will find everything from classic jean skirts to multiple layering shirts, to outwear and accessories.  Shop early as inventories are low at most on line retailers and in store.

Body fit is a crucial factor in elevating someone’s style. A proper fit enhances all body types. The fit of your clothing is also important in emphasizing certain aspects of your body. This aims to help you understand the importance of body fit in finding a wardrobe choice that creates an illusion of a Balanced Proportion. Dressing to balance proportions will show off your face and shape to their greatest advantage by using powerful tools for creating optical illusions such as lines and textures.

Wearing the best clothes for your body will enhance your confidence and professional presence!

To emphasize your assets and minimize your challenge areas, we craft optical illusions through:

  • Texture​
  • Knowing your body type​
  • Dressing for your body type​
  • Facial connections
  • Outside lines​
  • Inside lines​
  • Diagonals & Curves
  • Proportion

Let’s look at the outfits we’re all wearing this summer!​

and why this is our favorite…


OUTSIDE LINES that relate to your body type are​ the most pleasing & easiest to style!

  • Styles that follow or allude to your curved shape with darted waistlines or body-skimming side seams​
  • Straighter styles that skim over your waistline area

Triangle – Styles that enhance your shoulders and fit easily over a fuller lower body without adding bulk

Inverted Triangle – Styles that showcase your strong shoulders and skim your torso without adding a hipline curve

Oval – Sleek styles with room through the waistline that don’t hug the middle of the body



VERTICAL LINES lengthen & narrow a body area or entire silhouette.

  • A horizontal detail tends to hold attention, so place it at one area on your body you would like to emphasize or enlarge…​
  • Two verticals placed near the center of a figure slenderize by drawing attention lengthwise​, but
  • When verticals are placed farther apart, the eye tends to move back and forth between them in a widening direction
  • However, widening is not always bad––it can be an effective detail to increase upper body size and balance fuller hips​



Why are DIAGONAL LINES so powerful?​

They can be extremely flattering by diverting attention past the bust, waist, and hips without stopping:​

  • Diagonal hemlines show more skirt/dress length and more leg, making the lower body appear longer and leaner​
  • The closer a diagonal is to a vertical, the greater the slenderizing effect​

Outside lines enhances and draw attention from certain body parts:

  • When outside lines angle outward, the shape looks shorter and wider.
  • When outside lines angle inward, the shape appears taller and trimmer.



  • A V-neck creates an angle that widen the shoulders.
  • A halter neckline forms a triangle that emphasizes the bust.
  • In a triangle body types, the eye tends to follow the horizontal line and see the body as wider.​

The versatility of Horizontal Lines

A horizontal detail tends to hold attention, so place it at one area on your body you like to emphasize.

  • Wide Collar/Lapel
  • Pocket Flaps
  • Contrast Shoulder Yoke

These details all anchor attention on the upper body!



Creating proportional illusions with TEXTURE

Texture = the look and feel of a fabric​

  • Smooth, soft, matte fabrics minimize bulk and create a sleek effect
  • Textural, crisp, shiny fabrics can increase bulk

What messages can different textures send?

  • If you have smooth, uniformly-colored skin and sleek hair, you will look best in smooth fabrics
  • Smooth-surfaced fabrics are more authoritative
  • Freckles, curly hair, and highlighted hair look best in small textured fabrics and small dimensional prints
  • Small geometric patterns in neutral or classic colors are more authoritative​
  • Larger patterns in brighter colors are more informal




The beauty of ACCESORIES

Transform an outfit from day to evening, add energy and color to neutral clothing… Here are some of ways everyone can use accessories to enhance their looks!​

  • The best handbag for you blends with your hair color and body skin tone, which are always part of your overall look.
  • A belt with a decorative or bold buckle can visually cinch your waist.
  • Earrings that relate to your eye color will enhance your eye contact and communication.
  • Multicolor scarves can link multiple solid colors into beautiful combinations.





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