#WomenWithNoLimits Featuring Stories from Incredible Women

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A boutique image consulting firm introduced #WomenWithNoLimits in 2020 after seeing many young women paralyzed by toxic workplace environments and lacking a voice professionally. I enlisted a group of successful women who had overcome their own professional obstacles through support from their peers and community organizations.


Over the last three years #WomenWithNoLimits has evolved into being a supportive community dedicated to helping in one another’s quest to build successful businesses, to model successful leadership in our communities and to nurture the next generation of women. The luncheon series aims to help women understand the importance of professional presence as a key step to achieving life goals

Each of these women have an extraordinary story to tell and on May 3rd we met in Boston, Massachusetts to share new lessons learned and strategize about future initiatives. We also had the pleasure of hearing from Pauline Brown.

Kelley Tuthill, COO at Catholic Charities 

A Breast Cancer advocate, Kelley believes that professional presence means it’ okay to take some time while handling things when you’re unsure of what to do and if you need a break into something. It is knowing when you needed help and knowing how to ask for help that is critical to long term health and well-being at home and at work. Her challenges at Catholic Charities stem from the years of scandal in the church and she reminded us of all the incredible work that Catholic Charities does in Boston and around the world. She is hoping everyone in our group will give the organization a change and volunteer to help in any of their initiatives.

Katie Fink, Soul Led CEO & Founder Mystical Living

Extending her digital retail experience, Katie launched mysticalliving.co as a lifestyle brand and has recently added a high frequency clothing line, Love Lillett.

As an out of the box leader her sweet spot is startups, new businesses or businesses in need of transformation. Katie is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of developing strong teams and driving growth in the apparel and fashion industry over the past 18 years. In Katie’s new business she shared that struggles of a start up and shared all the excitement around her new clothing line and one on one consulting. She encouraged us to take a look at her site and join her on her podcast and workshops.

Soo-Young Kang, Founder & CEO at LightWater

Soo-Young Kang’s product LightWater is a mission-driven skincare startup grounded in science. The manufacturing model and ingredient concept are both disruptive to an industry that hasn’t changed much in several decades. The founding team includes world-leading bio scientists, Harvard dermatologists, and successful entrepreneurs. Together we will redefine an industry by continuing to create innovative products that help people and the environment. Working at LightWater is not just a career; it’s a chance to shape the future of the company and the entire skincare space, to make the world a healthier place. She provided everyone in the group with samples of the product and asked everyone to share their thoughts and feedback after trying it.

Annissa Essaibi George, Small Business Owner of  Big Sister Boston

Annissa Essaibi George, a mom, former high school teacher, business owner, first-generation American, and lifelong Boston resident, was elected as a Boston City Councilor At-Large in 2015. On the Council, Annissa is distinguished by her efforts to empower the voices of stakeholders directly impacted public policy and her solutions-oriented approach to government. Annissa become CEO of Big Sisters of Boston late last year and is hoping to get us all involved in the organization and helping girls all over region.

Tiffany Zhou, Founder, Creative Director at OLEADA

Tiffany Zhou’s OLEADA is a venture-backed luxurious sustainable handbag brand for modern professional women.

Backed by Uphonest Capital, Capital Nuts, etc. Featured in Forbes, Glamour, ELLE & LAFM, Supported by celebrities & industry leaders such as Maye Musk (Elon Musk’s mom), Melusine Ruspoli (Italian Princess), Aimee Song (LA mega influencer), Susan Rockefeller, Pauline Brown (LVMH ex -Chairman), Designed in New York City. Tiffany would love our help in spreading the word about her brand, trying it out and providing any her feedback on her product.