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Dressing As The Seasons Change

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No matter where you live, cooler temperatures may bring renewed challenges to dressing in style ❄️👗. Don’t put away your fall clothes or fun spring dresses just yet.  As someone who grew up in the Northeast, where summers were so short, I always wished for more time to wear these brighter, lighter clothes for longer. For years, I have had this fun Zara pink wool overcoat that the wind wimped right through by mid-October that I wished was warmer.  

So, this year, I set out to find a way to wear these clothes more often and figure out a way to stay warm at the same time.

Layering 🧥

While this may seem obvious to some, how we layer really matters if we want to wear all the clothes in our closet, regardless of the seasons. There are some super practical, warm thermal underwear and tights that will keep you warm and will fit under your clothes. In my quest to find brands that worked under sweaters, shirts, dresses, and jeans, the ones listed below were my best options. They were not bulky, and they hugged my skin, layering well under some of my more fall and spring outfits.

Base Tops

Base Bottoms

One of the most interesting styling tips that I found was on a Tik Tok from @Elizabethfortmeyer. Her first step is to buy some fleece-lined tights that roughly work with your skin tone. Then, find some sheer black tights and wear the fleece-lined under the sheer tights! Try re-creating the look yourself with the tutorial and items below: 😉

The Sports Bra Option

So, here is where things get kooky 👀.

Since I’ve been searching for a way to wear some of my longer, fall frocks and lighter-weight skirts in the winter, I’ve been wrestling with the bulk and excessive length of warm sweaters that I wear over my dresses. When I wear sweaters over my dresses and skirts, it seems like there are just too many layers, as if my clothes were wearing me, and not the other way around! As I went back to search for a styling solution that would help me, I found an ingenious idea on Tik Tok– again.

  1. Put on your chosen dress or skirt (with the tights from the strategy above).
  2. Next, put on a sports bra on top of that. (I know it seems weird!)
  3. Then, layer a cozy sweater that works on top.
  4. Finally, tuck the sweater into the band of the sports bra, cropping the sweater. This gives you a waist and creates less bulk, all without giving up any warmth! ✨

Re-create the look! (click play below)

One Sure Solution For Warmth and Style

If you are not sure you like the fleece-under-the-tights idea, one simple way to stay warm is to ensure that your boots are waterproofed and that your calves are warm. Make sure your boots fit properly! Avoid wearing too many socks, since this may make your boots too tight, cutting off your circulation 😰. Consider wearing only one later: tights under your boots.

If you want warm and finely crafted thigh-high tights and socks, Elizabeth makes beautiful, high-quality socks and tights that are not bulky under boots or rain shoes.  

Elizabeth Reid Thigh High Sock in Heather Grey | $25


Accessories For Always Staying Warm

These simple items will make a world of difference wherever you venture into cold weather climates ☃️. They are inexpensive, easily packed up, and they can be tucked into a sweater, attached to the top of your socks to warm your feet, and are a fun gift for a friend you’ve been missing over the last 18 months.  It will warm their heart 🥰!