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How an Edited Capsule Collection Saves Time

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When I finished editing back my own wardrobe earlier this year, ridding myself of over 50% of my closet’s contents, I realized that many of the most important items left were basic staples that transcend seasons and trends. For the most part, these were interchangeable work-wear -lifestyle wardrobe pieces that coordinated well with different patterns, shapes, footwear, handbags, jewelry, and accessories.

I decided to create a capsule collection consisting of a few, well-thought out items that would easily be mixed and matched, creating a fluid collection of go-to styles. 

This is a simple guide to why and how a capsule collection works. 

This collection of clothing may be curated out of what you already own. These garments and accessories are predominately essential items that are “workhorse” pieces designed to support every area of your lifestyle. The most practical, chic pieces include skirts, pants, blouses, and coats that are augmented by on-trend seasonal must-haves. The strategy is to use the capsule wardrobe as your everyday, go-to items that mix and match with a wide selection of styles.

How does a capsule collection help you in your everyday life?

1. Gives you more control.

Over the last year, we have done so much to edit our lives and feel some sense of control and normalcy. A capsule collection not only helps you start a fresh, new path for yourself at the beginning each day, but it also takes all the guesswork out of thinking what to wear for each occasion. 

2. Saves time.

If you are anything like me, you might feel as if you’ve wasted a lot of hours over these last twelve months by not being as productive with your time as you’d hoped. Walking into your closet and expressing frustration at having nothing to wear will no longer happen if you have a somewhat organized collection of go-to pieces. 

3. You learn how to wear everything else in your closet.

It is very liberating to be able to look at most everything in your closet and know that a certain pattern or shape that you love, but have not found easy to wear, is now bringing you pleasure because it fits so easily into one of your stable, capsule outfits!

So, what is in my capsule collection?

The answer? All my most favorite items! Since I believe that color adds sparks of joy and beauty to one’s wardrobe, your Capsule Collection need not be all neutrals.  The key is to choose items for this collection that coordinate with each other and don’t clash. 

Below, you will find five outfits that are my most coveted. These outfits make me happy and allow me to easily mix in other so many other fun items that I love, but was only wearing once or twice per year.

Outfit 1

I combined a feminine, silk magenta blouse with interesting, but small, gold earrings and comfy denim that works for a Zoom meeting. Result: polished but not distracting. 

Outfit 2

A tailored coat, a colorful multi-strand necklace, and an easy straight pant or skirt with a white shirt. This look instantly elevates your presence.

Outfit 3

A joyful, wear-everywhere dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion by coupling it with sneakers and a classic handbag for a coffee date.

Outfit 4

A cozy, oversized sweater is both elegant and effortless when paired with relaxed denim and a feminine boot or heal as an attractively nonchalant option for a night date. 

Outfit 5

A capsule collection sweatshirt is a quirky styling piece that turns a favorite wear everywhere dress into a skirt. 

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