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6 Steps to Emerge From Your Fashion Comfort Zone

By June 23, 2021No Comments

As many people become fully vaccinated and begin returning to a work setting or traveling, there are lingering questions about what to wear now. Are work clothes permanently more casual? But what if you’re excited about getting dressed up like you used to? Answering these questions starts with knowing what’s appropriate for your industry and gauging your own fashion comfort zone.

For me, being dressed appropriately and like myself has always elevated my success and given me confidence. The last year has given me time to explore how I want to show up in the future, what my “style personality” looks like today, and embrace style experimentation as I go forward.

This winter, Image Intelligence’s newsletter and social feed featured a 3-part series on editing your closet (click the link to view it on YouTube). A ruthless closet edit is the best way to start exploring how you want to expand, refine or experiment with your style and personality this summer. By decluttering, you will have a clearer vision of what you want to actually wear vs. what no longer fits your lifestyle.

Now, it’s time to experiment!

Marianne Theodorsen, a Norwegian native and lover of vintage clothing, defines personal style as “a great way of expressing yourself and just adds an extra bit of fun to life. I find so much joy in seeing how people present themselves through what they wear…For me, fashion is all about having fun and trying out new things.” Her positive outlook is where we’re going to start today!

Here is my advice for those of us who have been in our fashion comfort zone for a while and/or want to expand out of our current style into something new:

6 Steps to Emerge From Your Fashion Comfort Zone
  1. Begin with color: If you’re nervous about wearing color, begin using a very small amount in your daily outfits with accessories. This can be as simple as a subtle print or a scarf. Add a colorful bag instead of a neutral one or get a pair of sneakers that are multicolor instead of classic white.
  2. Buy a bag in a new color, but a shape that you love: Bags lift an outfit and if it’s a bag that suits your body type, it won’t ever go out of style.
  3. In each outfit, have one element that really stands out: Build up your confidence to letting your style do the talking.
  4. Test run a new silhouette: If there’s something that works for your figure but you’ve never tried before and are nervous, wear it among some close friends to gauge your comfort level and joy factor.
  5. Find some really fun costume jewelry and mix it all together: Costume jewelry is the best for style experimentation––it adds personality and color without breaking the bank.
  6. Shop vintage: This allows you to experiment for less money and find some luxuries that might have been out of your budget otherwise.

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