Hopeful Narratives for a Hopeful Year: 2022

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Recently, a newsletter that I rarely actually read, although written by a well-known author, dinged as it appeared in my inbox. Intrigued by the title, Voices Above The Noise: Powerful Insights for Your Wildly Authentic Life, I decided to open it…

With Covid still lingering and many people homebound and isolated, the words of wisdom written by various authors in this newsletter struck me as incredibly helpful, supportive, and optimistic ✨ in the face of so much confusion and chaos. It was definitely a newsletter different from the rest, and I wanted to share the knowledge. 

Hopefully, this collection of thoughtful narratives written by leading experts in their fields, will provide some positive inspiration or just add a smile to your face during these early months of 2022. Click the titles below to read each full article described.

The article is written by Harriet Lerner, an author, and psychotherapist. She states, “I can’t think of a better New Year’s resolution than the commitment to practice having a clear, courageous, and authentic voice. How our relationships unfold depends on our courage and clarity in having an authentic voice”. Click the pink button above to read the full article!

Sancy Steiner, a Life Coach and founder of Steiner Coaching Solutions, says, “There are no Shoulds. You have the power to discover what works for you, and that doesn’t necessarily need to be what works for anyone else. Most problems are arenas for opportunity and growth. Believe in your own courage and curiosity and try anything new”.

Elizabeth Lesser, author and co-founder of The Omega Institute, recounts E.B. White: “Things can look dark, then a break can suddenly show in the clouds, and all is changed. It is quite obvious that the human race has made a mess of life on this planet, but as people, we harbor seeds of goodness that have lain for a long time waiting to sprout when conditions are right”.

Professional organizer, Peter Walsh, recommends “getting a better handle on the things we own in order to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life. The things we own, the things that we fill our lives with, have immense power”.

Author and Career Coach, Ken Linder, outlines that, “So often the seemingly smallest choices most often have the most profound impact. The key is that being happy, alone, won’t win the day. While we may be happy, when something cuts us to the core and pushes our buttons, we go back to our old scripts and negative talk. Ken Linder says that we must build a rock-solid inner foundation”. 

Rock on 2022!