Body Type & Clothing Connection

How to Flatter Your Face Shape

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This guide provides essential tips for flattering your face shape with hair, makeup, patterns, and accessories. Understanding your facial shape’s unique qualities will link your face’s outline and features with your wardrobe in the most flattering way possible.

Wide Face

Wide faces are wider relative to their length.

Goal: minimize side fullness.


  • Side-swept bangs
  • Open necklines and lower necklaces
  • Long, narrow earrings
  • Emphasize eyebrow arches

Long Face

Long faces are longer relative to their width.

Goal: maximize side fullness.


  • Soft bangs, short hair
  • Fill in low necklines with a scarf or necklace
  • Wide earrings
  • Style brows to flatten the arch

Curvy Face

Curvy faces have a soft, round facial outline.

Goal: reflect your face shape with rounded silhouettes.


  • Rounded print patterns
  • Circular earrings
  • Curved pockets
  • Curved handbags
  • Shawl collars

Angular Face

Angular faces have wide cheekbones and a pronounced jaw.

Goal: complement your face shape with geometric shapes.


  • Square or rectangular earrings
  • Geometric prints and plaids
  • Boxy handbags
  • Square or pointed footwear

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