A triangle needs to balance her body shape by calling attention to her slimmer upper body, visually minimizing hips and maintaining the waistline definition of her curvy silhouette.

  • Slimmer skirts and pants minimize lower body fullness; the secret is to purchase the garment to fit her hips and have the waistline taken in.
  • Dresses and tunics with fullness designed to accommodate larger hips need to be made in softer fabrics to keep from adding visual pounds.
  • Jackets made in brighter colors, more interesting fabric patterns or textures, and with eye-catching details, it commands all the visual attention, allowing the hips to basically disappear
  • Tucking a shirt or sweater into the bottom garment also moves the color break away from the hips, to the trimmer waistline, elongating the lower body.
  • Stay away from tops designed to cover the hips because: they place a horizontal hemline at the widest part of the body and they either fit the shoulder area and are a size too small through the hips, or they fit the hips and hang off the shoulders.

An alternative to tops designed to cover the hips is a shaped, above-hip-length jacket that sidesteps those fitting issues.