A rectangle looks best in straight or semi-fitted styles that enhance her angular shape.

  • Longer jackets – from fingertip to duster length – are ideal for rectangles to wear.
  • Rectangles generally prefer shirts and sweaters worn out over the waistline of a skirt or pants.
  • The straighter blouses, tunics, and jackets that suit a rectangular body retain a feminine mood when sewn in softer fabrics.
  • Shaped shirttail hemlines or slits in the side seams add motion and softness.
  • A rectangle’s waist is proportionally larger compared with her hips, so she should choose low-rise pants and styles with a waistline facing (an extra piece of fabric used to aesthetically finish garment edges) or drawstring to achieve an easier fit.

Rectangles normally avoid belts because they call attention to their waistline, however there are two types they can wear effectively: a narrow belt, color-matched to the garment, with an eye-catching buckle or a low-slung belt or chain belt worn asymmetrically.