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Chic and Comfortable Activewear for Zoom Meetings

By October 17, 2020No Comments

A recent LinkedIn poll found that 42% of people working from home now have a “Zoom shirt,” a nicer shirt on the back of their work chair that can be thrown over loungewear when it’s time for a meeting. What if you didn’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, though?

With new innovations in athleisure, t-shirts and sweats no longer need to be the de facto outfit for working from home. A range of activewear options now exist that look stylish enough for a meeting but feel as comfortable as a pair of pajamas. No more need to rush to throw on that Zoom shirt to look presentable! Below, find Image Intelligence’s favorite chic and comfortable activewear pieces.



Featured photo by Jornada Produtora on Unsplash.