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Mixing Textures and Prints for Maximum Chicness

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Mixing Textures

Mixing textures is an easy way to add new dimensions to your sense of style and individuality. Here are our top three secrets for mixing textures successfully:

Tip 1: Medium Textures

Medium textures are the simplest to work with and combine well with each other. For example, soft flannel trousers can blend with a soft satin blouse or knit jacket.

(Blouse: Zimmermann; Trousers: Theory)

Silk blouse: Reflects light and increases the appearance of one’s body size, while the flowing fabric creates an approachable look.

Flannel trousers: Contrasts with the silk blouse, since they are moderately crisp. Flannel flatters most body types, since it is not clingy, and it creates a more commanding overall appearance.

Tip 2: Extreme Textures

Extreme textures combine easily if they are in the same genre. Wool tweeds mix easily with suede, and satin blends easily with sequins.

(Jacket: Sandro; Skirt: Joseph, Theory)

Suede skirt: The Bulky appearance creates an overall approachable look when matched with the jacket.

Tweed jacket: Is Textured, which has an enlarging effect on one’s figure.

Tip 3: Big Textures

Combining big textures of different moods typically creates an eclectic, offbeat look.

(Sweater: Ulla Johnson,  Skirt: Karl Lagerfeld, H&M)

Chunky sweater: Approachable and enlarges one’s figure.

Pleated Skirt: Reflects light, which increases the appearance of one’s body size.

Mixing Prints

Mixing prints can seem intimidating, or even counterintuitive. A successful mix of prints, however, can elevate the chicness of your outfit. Here are our five favorite secrets for mixing prints (and making sure your outfit is captivating for all the right reasons!):

Mix patterns that relate! Think about mixing patterns that relate to each other in design, shape or color.

Tip 1:

If the print shapes/motifs are different, repeating colors will pull your look together.

Tip 2:

If the colors in the prints are different, keep a visual connection through similar design shape.

Bright colors, curved lines, and flowy materials:
Create an approachable, friendly look.

(Blouse: Farm Rio; Pants: La DoubleJ)

Straight lines and geometric shapes:

Send an authoritative message. The light colors in the outfit pictured to the left balance the authoritative lines with a more approachable touch.

(Blouse: La Linge Pants: Chloe)

The repeated curved lines create a friendly, unified look, and the repeating blues bring two pieces together.

(Blouse: Rag&Bone; Pants: La DoubleJ)

Mixing geometric and curved lines, creating a balanced authoritative, and approachable look. The black and dark blue colors have a more commanding tone, making this outfit seem more authoritative overall, despite the curved lines in the pants.

(T-Shirt: Rag & Bone, $115; Pants: La DoubleJ, $595)

Tip 3: 

Unexpected combinations work when two patterns are of different sizes.

If one print has larger motifs, wearing it with a smaller pattern will create a balanced, yet creative look.

 Tip 4: 

Small patterns become a semi-solid look.

Bulky, coarse patterns and shapes:
Enlarge one’s figure, magnifying one’s presence.

(Blouse: Aerin, $250; Skirt:  Tory Burch, $99)

Flowered, curved patterns: 

Approachable, yet the contrasting solid colors on the skirt appears more commanding.

(Blouse: AERIN Skirt: Ulla Johnson)

Tip 5:

Pair Solid Jacket With a Pattern.

Pairing a solid-colored jacket with a repeating color that is found in the pattern of the piece worn underneath pulls the look together. The flowing floral dresses create approachability, yet the two looks send different messages.

Dark colors:

Create a commanding and intimidating look.

The leather jacket: 

Transmits power and strength, elevating the authority conveyed in this look.

(Jacket: Lafayette 148; Dress: La Double J)

Soft and light colors:

A friendly message is sent.

The jacket is light tan and made of a bulky fabric, which also has an approachable tone.

(Jacket: Lafayette 148 Dress: Tory Burch )