Dressing well is more than connecting your clothes and accessories to your physical attributes. It’s also about who you are and what you project as a person-your personal style.


The Classic woman is drawn to traditional, refined clothing and understated accessories. Isn’t likely to jump on passing trends, preferring to invest in quality fabrics and timeless styles instead. Simple lines, balanced proportions, and symmetrical designs characterize the wardrobe. The classic woman usually chooses solid color fabrics or small patterns like herringbones and hounds tooth. In prints, she is likely to prefer paisleys or controlled geometrics over larger, bolder designs, while avoiding fabrics that are either bulky or clingy opting instead for fine woolens, silks and jerseys.


Typically a clotheshorse, the dramatic dresser loves to be seen in the latest styles. Comfort takes a backseat to fashion. Bold colors, oversized details, and asymmetrical design lines characterize the striking, head turning look. The closet is typically full of solid colors – often worn in bold, unexpected combinations- and smooth fabrics like gabardine, satin, crepe, and jersey. Print choices run toward bold, oversized geometrics and abstracts.


The sporty/natural dresser is an easygoing casual person who is not willing to suffer for the sake of fashion. Comfort and practicality are basic requirements for her wardrobe choices. Seasonal trends are seldom of interest. Prefers denim, corduroy and tweeds, shirting plaid and stripes, T-shirt knits and cozy sweater knits. Drawn to subtle colors rather than sweet pastels or bold brights.


The romantic has a soft, feminine appearance and generally prefers soft silhouettes, gentle colors, and rounded design details. Fabric choices are typically lightweight and able to drape. Soft jerseys, silks, challis, crepe and voile are fabrics of choice. The romantic prefers florals or other soft motifs. Details like lace and bows may show up in her clothes or accessories.


The artistic personality is very creative and uses his or her imagination when thinking about style and dressing. This style tends to be very innovative and often bohemian and does not cater to any conformity or trends of the moment. He or she is not a classic or traditional dresser and mixes many elements of dress to create an often eclectic look. The only word of caution about this style type is to avoid going overboard on non-conformity as to appear unapproachable or out of touch.