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How to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe ♻️

By February 25, 2024No Comments

One of my new favorite brands is designer Maria McManus. She produces a sustainable line of chic, simple pieces that are all foundational easy basics that do less harm to our world.  Her ethos is simple: buy less clothes and wear them more often. Everything she produces is almost entirely from certified, responsibly, sourced materials. Most things in this collection seem hardy.  Nothing is trendy, either, and each of her simple pieces feel luxurious. 

Creating a sustainable wardrobe involves choosing brands that have a commitment to sustainability and starting with the eight basic pieces we have outlined below:

The 8 Basic Pieces


The goal: Repeat your curved shape and defined waist

  • Subtle shoulder pads work well to slim the entire silhouette
  • Darts, waistline tucks, princess seams
  • Tucked in tops with belts


The goal: Strengthen the shoulder line to balance middle body fullness

  • Straight lines, with no waist shaping & vertical design details
  • Tops left out rather than tucked in
  • Jackets fingertip length or longer
  • Details close to the face draw attention away from mid-body (try using a contrast collar or bold necklace!)


The goal: De-emphasize waist

  • Straight or semi-fitted styles
  • Longer jackets: fingertip or longer
  • Worn out tops rather than tucked in
  • Low-rise pants 
  • Avoid belts, unless narrow and discreet


The goal: Call attention to slim upper body, make the eye look up

  • Slim skirts and pants, snug to the hip, even if you have to take in the waist!
  • Bright, textured jackets, above the hip
  • Tucked in shirts

Inverted Triangle

The goal: Minimize upper body and emphasize lower body

  • Strong colors and patterns in bottoms
  • Relaxed fit in tops
  • Low-slung belt, worn asymmetrically