Handbags Benefits

Like shoes, your most basic bag color usually relates closely to your hair.
Additional neutral to consider, if they appear in your color fan, include:

  • COOL – black, taupe, gray, navy
  • WARM – brown, camel, rust

Coordinate the bag’s shape with the degree of curve or angularity in your facial features.

Leather, or a synthetic that looks convincingly like leather, is the most versatile choice for year-round use. In warm weather, neutral colors, canvas or straw give a fresh look and blend with virtually any shoe color.

What about scale- how to determine the correct size for your body type

Match a purse to your body scale with this easy test. Hold the bag in front of your pelvic area. It should generally be no wider than your hips and no taller than the distance from your waist to the crease at the top of your leg.

A shoulder bag is a convenient hands-free option. Be sure the strap length positions the bag at a flattering spot on your body.

For a curved figure, the bag should rest in the waist area, not lower where it would add width to the hips.

For a straighter figure, the bag should rest in the hip area to avoid adding bulk at the waist.