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Our Love Affair With Accessories

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You can often find great style in small details. As with clothing, the shapes, silhouettes, and colors of accessories can create the illusion that you are wearing a different outfit each day––even if it’s the same look. If you ever feel bored with your wardrobe or want to experiment with a new fashion mood, accessories will pull your look together in a fresh way. They can extend a look from day to night and have the ability to adjust the formality of your outfit.

Whether it’s an elegant evening bag, a trendy pair of earrings, a woven belt, or a colorful scarf,  investing in some fun, new accessories will update your wardrobe throughout the seasons and help create an image that is all your own. Below are our favorite tips for using accessories to :

  • Link combinations of your favorite colors
  • Give a fresh look to a wardrobe classic
  • Update a capsule collection
  • Transform an outfit from day to evening
  • Direct attention to a part of your body that you love
  • Add energy and color to neutral clothing

Shoes & Tights

  • The easiest to wear, most universally classic footwear is the neutral colored closed-toe pump. This classic style will work in so many professional settings with both pants and skirts
  • With a skirt, a lower vamp (top opening of the shoe) leaves more of your foot visible and elongates your legs
  • Ankle strap styles work for long trim, legs as they shorten and provide a widening effect
  • More delicate details and higher, thinner heels make a shoe dressier
  • Covering the tops of boots with a skirt creates a long, lean look
  • Tights create a slimming effect when wearing an ankle-length boot with skirts or dresses


  • Belts that match or blend with the color of your wardrobe create the illusion of a longer body line.
  • If you want to show off your waist, decorative and contrasting belts will add visual interest.
  • Wider belts work best on a long torso with a straighter waist.
  • Matching a belt to your top will elongate a short-waisted figure, while pairing a belt color to skirt or pants will minimize a long-waisted figure.
  • A belt with a decorative or bold buckle will call attention to the center of the body and visually cinch the waist.


  • At their core, handbag colors will always relate to your hair color since your hair color is always a part of your total look. Presumably, the wardrobe colors you wear complement your hair, so the best handbag for you will also blend with your hair color and body skin tone.
  • Look for a handbag style that works for your size. A very large bag will overwhelm a small person, while a very petite bag will not be noticed on a very tall person. It’s ideal to coordinate a bag’s shape with the curves or angles in your facial features.
  • The general rule for choosing a handbag that is right for your size is that it should be no wider than your hips and no taller than the distance from your waist to the crease at the top of  your leg.
  • On a curvy figure, the bag should rest in the waist area and not any lower. On a tall, straight figure, the bag will look best if it rests in the hip area so to not add bulk at the waist.


  • Scarves are great additions to your wardrobe because they can link multiple solid colors into beautiful combinations and complete a look. Multicolor scarves are especially useful for this purpose, as they can allow you to wear three separate colors at once.
  • Scarves often bridge a less-flattering color to your facial color. They create a positive focal point near your face by moving attention towards features of yourself that you love.
  • A scarf that includes a touch of your hair color will be most flattering.


  • Any type of jewelry––costume or fine––provides a great option for creativity and self- expression. Jewelry is a wardrobe staple at any price point because it…
    • adds polish to a look,
    • draws attention away from body areas you feel self-conscious about,
    • links colors in your outfit, and
    • adds formality when needed.
  • Jewelry that matches the color palette in your face and skin tone will be most flattering.
  • Large jewelry looks great on larger bodies, and petite frames look wonderful in delicate items that do not overpower the features.
  • Earrings that relate to your eye color will make your eyes more prominent and enhance your eye contact and one-on-one communication.
  • A wider face looks best in longer, thinner earrings as they slim and elongate the face. A narrow face will benefit from broader earrings that add fullness to the face.

Featured photo: Alighieri jewelry. By Alighieri.