Jewelry can add polish to any ensemble, create focal points far from figure challenges, link unexpected color combinations, and help create both a formal and casual outfit with little effort.

Fine Jewelry

Precious metals and gemstones have timeless appeal, but few of us can afford an extensive wardrobe of statement fashion pieces.

Bridge Jewelry

Items made from semiprecious stones, shell, enamels and porcelains give a lasting quality look at affordable prices.

Fashion Jewelry

Budget friendly fakes can work with very casual looks.

Choose Jewelry Purchases Wisely

  • Use your color fan as a guide to the metals and stones that will flatter you and work with many items in your wardrobe
  • Larger jewelry items look great on larger bodies, while delicate items would look insignificant
  • Personal style – a woman with a relaxed casual attitude and lifestyle would look out of harmony wearing an item of very dramatic jewelry or delicate romantic pieces.


  • Color – stones that relate to your eye color can be especially effective. They make your eyes more prominent, enhancing eye contact and one-on-one communication. Abalone shell has that effect with blue or blue-green eyes