In conservative professions like law and finance, hosiery is generally expected when wearing a skirt or dress in most climates and countries.

In more relaxed work environments, bare legs and sandals can be acceptable if your dress code permits it, your legs are in great shape, and your feet freshly pedicured.

With formal and cocktail attire, bare legs are acceptable with a toned, healthy and pedicured look. Ultra-sheer hosiery with a subtle sheen is a fashionable alternative for those who prefer coverage.

Matching hose and shoes to hemline color does minimize breaks and lend a taller, trimmer look.

  • Keep the hosiery very sheer for professional or dressy looks.
  • Sheer colored hose can seem too heavy in warmer weather, so opt for nude hosiery in winter if needed or desired. In summer , forgo the hose as it can give an older appearance.
  • With two-toned spectator shoes or multicolor print or patchwork shoes, choose nude hosiery or none at all. Patterned, textured, lacy and fishnet stockings all draw attention to your legs and tend to make them appear heavier.
  • Opaque tights give an outfit a casual mood.